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Music & Colors by McAllen Piano Studio

A Registered Music Program® that will guide the beginner student step-by-step individually at their own pace.  Music theory concepts such as Rhythm, Technic and Reading will be instructed on every piano lesson

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 Included when the student registers for the first time. Recommended for the beginner  piano student. First Steps® into Music Notes. Hands, Fingers and Rhythm.  40 songs on black keys. 116 pages



Introductory Level

Music Notes


 Stronger fingers is the rule. Explore® the whole piano on all 88 keys. Naturals, Sharps and Flat keys. 12 Worksheets and 24 exercises.

Carefully  focus on hand position and finger technic.

114 pages

Primer Level

Music & Colors®

15 Lessons plus 16 Worksheets.

Trace & Learn®

Tracing music notes will make your music reading much faster. More rhythm exercises will be included. 149 pages

Learn from The Master Teachers

Early Intermediate


Late Intermediate

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