The Beginner Beethoven Classroom

Piano Lessons

Doggy Beethoven presents a Fun Music Program for The Beginner Piano Student ages 6 to 9 years old; perfect age to explore Music Theory Concepts understanding fundamentals of Music Education learning how to read music and play the piano.  Practice, practice, practice!

McAllen Piano Studio

 Beginner Beethoven Music Program

6 to 9 years old


Piano Lessons

Unit 1

Piano Lessons
Piano Keys

Unit 2

Piano Lessons

Unit 3

Piano Exercises
Piano Lessons

Unit 4

Piano Lessons -The Grand Staff
Sight Reading Music

Unit 5

Piano Lessons - Time Signature
McAllen Piano Studio Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons Elementary Level

Unit 6

Piano Lessons - G Major Scale

Late Elementary

Unit 7

Learn from The Master Teachers

Early Intermediate


Late Intermediate