Programs Tailor Made for All Ages    

Count and Play
Middle C
Color and Learn
2 Black Keys iPad
Practice 30 min Everyday
Trace and Learn
LH 1
LH 6
RH 2
RH 3
RH 12
One on one piano instruction

All students learn in a different way, at a different pace. We teach our students individually in group sessions. Our music programs are tailored for the individualized music instruction. We offer music programs for all ages, starting at the age of 4 years old up to the adult that has always dreamed of learning how to play the piano.

Music & Colors is a Copyright and Registered Music Education Program since 1989, for more than 30 years M&C has proven to make piano lessons entertaining, fun and easy to understand musical concepts. Become part of The Piano Studio Team today,  enroll now!

Adult Piano Lessons Program

We also provide one on one piano instruction. We recommend this program for students who have 2 or more years of piano experience and would like to graduate to higher levels of piano practice. Individualized piano instruction is rooted in developing each student’s skills, appreciation for all styles of music, and confidence in performance.

Music & Colors (R)
Group Piano Lessons with individual instruction

The Conductor

10 to 15 yrs ols

Beginner Beethoven

6 to 9 yrs old

Music Colors & Kids

4 and 5 yrs old

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At McAllen Piano Studio, we provide piano lessons different from the conventional approach, students of all ages receive individual instruction when they take group classes. With their own headphones, piano and book each student receives the individual instruction each Student needs. Classes are quiet, practicing their own assignment received by a Certified Music Instructor, Mr V.

Individualized learning programs, feel the comfort like having your piano lessons in your own home, yearly programs in our fully equipped classrooms, The Piano Studio of McAllen will find the way to bring the love of music into your life